Practical Coatings That Enhance Products

Although modern products are built with commercial-grade materials that are tough, durable, and strong, some resources have vulnerable spots. In order to fully protect these kinds of industrial materials in environments that have harsh conditions, special coatings must be used. All coatings provide different benefits after they’re applied onto specific items, so engineers always run tests before they ship their products to warehouses. In the metal industry, many engineers use plasma spray and Teflon because these practical coatings provide effective results.

Plasma Spray

When plasma sprays are used during manufacturing projects, unique tools are required, as the coating will only stick to a product while heat levels are high. This intense heat is generated from a plasma flame that strategically boosts the temperature of a metal piece within an specific velocity range.

The main elements that are used to make plasma spray powders are important because they give the coatings increased durability and enhanced strength. A typical powder is made with nickel, cobalt, or a combination of both materials. Alloys are also used to produce a plasma spray, and these elements include chromium, yttrium, or aluminum. The alloys generate a foundation for a plasma powder coating.


Teflon is a popular coating that enhances cooking hardware. This non-stick material is found on skillets and pots, and the consistency of the coating effectively protects these metal products by preventing scratches.

Because Teflon is a very slick coating, it can protect cookware that’s used for the most challenging dishes. If candy is melted in a Teflon pan, the goo can be wiped off of the surfaces with ease, and overcooked cheese doesn’t stick when it cooked in a skillet that has a Teflon coating.

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Many major metal suppliers provide metals with a plasma powder coating for a variety of industrial projects. Because Teflon solutions mainly enhance cookware and household fixtures, these coatings are typically found on general retail products.