Say Merry Christmas in a New Language


With today’s global customer reach via the internet, your customer base can easily include people from all over the world.  With the advent of the internet, and the globalization of corporations, if you want to be a player on a global scale, you, or someone in your organization must be bilingual.  Learning a new language is more important now than ever.  When you can speak to representatives in their language, they appreciate your sincerity and respect.   Here is how to say Merry Christmas in a few languages around the world.

Japanese – Meri Kurisumasu.

Spanish – Felix Navidad

French – Joyeux Noel

German – Frohe Weihnacten

Of course, saying Merry Christmas might go along way during the holidays, but when you are faced with competition for contracts that specify knowledge of a certain language preferred, you want to stand tall and be a player.  That’s where a subscription to Rosetta Stone would be invaluable.  Rosetta Stone offers language learning software that has helped millions of people learn another tongue for personal and professional reasons.  Those who have learned to speak have used their skills to work with immigrant populations, in boardrooms, on forensic cases, and as tour guides and interpreters.  The program is easy to use, and when you use a Groupon, you can subscribe to one of their award- winning courses for less.  Rosetta Stone is the only company in the world that offers TruAccent technology, and you can participate in online sessions live, to help train your ear.   Over time, you’ll build up enough vocabulary to speak when spoken to, and that feeling is amazing.

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Groupon offers a range of options for saving money on Rosetta Stone products.  You can save on instant downloads or use a code to unlock free shipping with a qualifying purchase.  Learning a new language can potentially increase your pay by as much as 15% in some settings, and lead you to opportunities to travel the world in others.  Businesses can trust Rosetta Stone to help break down barriers and become more competitive, foster diversity and develop a workforce ready for global expansion.  They even offer English language training to help learners keep pace with the workers around them.

So, say Merry Christmas in as many languages as possible this season, and let Rosetta Stone lead you into a happier New Year.