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Guide to Stripping and Refinishing Tiles

Cleaning is one thing you can do to your floors, but it another thing to strip and refinish them. The appeal of your vinyl composite tile will be lost if your do not maintain it properly.

Restoring efforts generally involve stripping old finish (not the tile) and laying down fresh coatings with the kind of finish that is compatible with the type of tile that you are using. If this is properly done, the result is a cleaner and a clearer tile. When a tile is restored its coating emits a reflective light that makes it more beautiful and you floor becomes slip-resistant and safe. Another benefit you get in properly coating your tile after stripping is that it gets the protection underneath and this will cost a lot more than the cost of regularly stripping and coating your tiles.

However, stripping finish every few months according to some outdated service providers would still spells waste of time and money because you could postpone this activity for years by keeping your floor in the same state instead of them becoming to look dull and unsightly after a few months. Bottom line, this has to be done properly and maintain them with proper methods.
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Do not be in a hurry to hire janitorial services to wax your floors. When maintaining floors for facilities waxing has not been commonly used since the 1950’s. The reasons for this is because tile floors of today are now protected by acrylic co-polymer metal-interlock formulations or its variant types. This means that many floor waxing companies still advertising floor waxing is already behind the modern times and they are still using approaches and techniques which give inferior results. So even if the company advertises their expertise in resilient tile waxing, you know that they are really obsolete because of the paradigm shift that has made their methods and techniques obsolete.
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When one is resilient it is able to endure even when something lands of in. This is not the case with resilient flooring that signifies-as, capable of returning to an original shape or position after having been compressed. Therefore, compared to those truly hard floor surfaces like stone which are referred to as non-resilient, resilient flooring can seem somewhat “cushiony” when you walk on it. And because resilient flooring is usually a mixture of fillers, binders, and color -applying acrylic coating can create a substantial damage when you infuse a chemical substance that is not compatible with the type of tile that you are using.

This shows that it is not enough to just also pick any floor stripping company that does not wax but a stripping company who has an extensive experience in coating acrylic types variants that matches your floor type.